Get Great Sound at Your Church

It's time for you to experience & deliver Great Church Sound.

Learn the tips & tricks that more than 10,000 churches and church sound techs around the world have already discovered.

  • Stop worship distractions from the sound system
  • Make the pastor's microphone sound great
  • Improve the sound of singers and instruments
  • Run the mixing console with confidence
  • Learn how to EQ and dial in your mix
  • Get a handle on monitor mixes and stage volume
  • Find out what it takes to get great sound for live streaming
  • Discover tips and tools for training new volunteers
  • Stop feedback fast and learn how to prevent it
  • Download the free mobile app for on-the-go learning
Christy Kohnle, Great Church Sound testimonial

Christy Kohnle

Limitless Ministries

"James has developed his Great Church Sound guide so that the true novice will become comfortably acclimated with new terms and concepts without feeling overwhelmed. This is a wonderful resource for anyone who is led to serve in tech ministry."

Stephen Arruda, Great Church Sound testimonial

Stephen Arruda

"This book is tailored to the unsung hero, the church volunteer. I used this book to train someone who knew nothing about audio and it was amazing to gradually see the lights turning on in their understanding. This book is a great resource."

Scott Clement, Great Church Sound testimonial

Scott Clement


"He has taken the sometimes hard to understand technical side of mixing and made it easy to understand and apply to your mixing. Whether you are a veteran looking to build your skills or a beginner just starting out you will find this book extremely helpful."

Ideal for church volunteers who have little or no experience running sound systems

Everything You Need To:

  • Get rid of feedback
  • Make instruments & vocals sound clearer
  • Get better sound from the Pastor's mic
  • Find "the sweet spot" with EQ
  • Minimize audio distractions & ear fatigue for your congregation
  • Place microphones effectively
  • Troubleshoot your sound system
  • Get better results with the gear you already have

Easy To Follow Steps

In this guide you'll get a step-by-step walk-through of how to make your church's sound better. And you get access to a detailed checklist to help you prepare for & conduct a soundcheck that sets you up for a successful service.

Free Mobile App

It's important to practice the skills you learn about. That's why this guide comes with a free interactive mobile app, allowing you to practice the important principals of EQ, Compression, Reverb, Gain, and Multi-Track Mixing on a custom digital mixer.

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James Wasem, author, Great Church Sound

About the Author

James Wasem has been fascinated by sound and electricity from an early age.  He has spent the last 20 years mixing live sound for churches, schools & theatres, working as an audio systems installer & designer, and performing & touring in bands as a drummer.

Though involved in highly technical fields, James has a passion for making things simple to understand and easy to use. It was from this passion that the book Great Church Sound – a guide for the volunteer was born.

James believes that technical ministry volunteers provide a critical service for their congregations and should be well equipped with quality tools to help them grow in craft, skill, and spirit.

Great sound is possible for every church!


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