Training Courses

Discover how to Grow and Train your Tech Team

Learn these critical lessons for tech team success:

  • Ways to find great volunteers in your church
  • How to invite new volunteers to join your team
  • What you can do to get your team on the same page
  • The secret to a healthy team & how to prevent burnout
  • Tools to super-charge your tech team & get better sound

Learn the fundamentals that make your sound great.

The perfect resource for new sound team volunteers and team leaders.

  • 45-minute presentation that covers all the basics
  • Easy to understand concepts with illustrations
  • Pro tips to prepare and build a great sounding mix
  • Introduction to the most important EQ techniques
  • The fastest way to stop feedback (and how to prevent it)
  • Downloadable presentation materials for leaders & pastors

Audio training that will transform your sound and take your team to the next level.

Quickly learn what will make the biggest difference in your mix. There a three package options for every member of your team – from volunteers to leaders.

  • How to build a mix that sounds great every time
  • How to EQ quickly and with confidence
  • Why microphone selection and placement is so important
  • What to do if there is feedback and how to prevent it in the first place
  • How to get the pastor's mic sounding great
  • Where to use compression and effects
  • Many more pro audio tips & tricks

Behringer X32 Digital Console Mastery Course

If you have an X32, this is the course for you and your sound team.

This course is offered by Kade Young over at Collaborate Worship. He does an amazing job walking you through everything you need to know about using the X32 for mixing worship at church.

  • One-time fee
  • Unlimited and non-expiring access
  • Access on any device
  • Track your progress
  • Online support

Learn more over at the Collaborate Worship academy.

Note: This course is NOT hosted by Great Church Sound, but we are including it here because we love Kade's training material. We may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you choose to purchase this course.


This Course is Now Open for New Members

The secret to better church sound mixes.

EQ is the #1 place to go when it comes to adjusting the sound of your mix. This course gets you up to speed quickly with professional tips that any sound tech can master.

  • Complete EQ overview and how-to guidance
  • Proven EQ techniques that make the biggest difference in the mix
  • Detailed videos with EQ examples and recommendations
  • EQ tips for feedback control and room tuning
  • Several bonus EQ cheatsheets included
  • Individual & Team training access

Note: This course is hosted by Collaborate Worship in partnership with Great Church Sound.