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These two apps are some of the greatest tools I've seen for helping you hear exactly how EQ adjustments affect your sound - besides practicing with real instruments and vocals on your own console, of course!

The following handbooks and guides by Yamaha are an excellent resource for expanding your knowledge in sound reinforcement systems.

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The Behringer X32 digital mixing console has become a very popular option for a lot of churches. The challenge can be training volunteers how to operate it effectively.

Kade Young from Collaborate Worship provides an excellent training video course for the X32 that is perfect for church techs and sound teams.

There is an abundance of resources available to assist you in learning more about the skill, craft, and art of live sound. I’ve listed a number of resources below that I’ve found helpful in my journey and quest in learning.

Books & Guides

Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook by Gary Davis & Ralph Jones, 1988
Yamaha Guide to Sound Systems for Worship by Jon Eiche, 1990
Sound In The Gospel by Dave Wright, 2016
Basic Training for the Church Audio Technician by M. Erik Matlock, 2015
The Art of Mixing: A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production by David Gibson, 2005
The Ultimate Live Sound Operators Handbook by Bill Gibson, 2011
The Mixing Engineers Handbook by Bobby Owsinski, 2013

Mobile Apps

hearEQ and Quiztones app – ear training for musicians, sound engineers, and audio lovers
FreeRTA and RTA Audio Analyzer app – Real Time Analyzer apps useful for visually finding frequencies
Church Sound Guide app - includes a multi-track practice mixer, frequency analyzer, & tips

General Audio Education and Information

Great and simple interactive tutorials about sound

Overview of basic sound concepts, physics, and components

Introduction to acoustics, frequency, and audio transmission/reproduction.

History of the car radio and its impact on the sound and electronics industry.

Courses for professional audio training and seminars offered by SynAudCon

Beginner’s Guide to PA systems from Yamaha

Tutorial regarding signal-to-noise, microphone selection, etc. (tailored for video camera operators, but very useful information for the audio engineer):

Wireless Microphone Information

A basic introduction to various wireless microphone system features and examples

FCC rules for wireless microphone frequency changes

Microphone Tips

Brief guide for microphones in houses of worship

The microphone 3:1 rule explained (especially useful for miking choirs):


Great tutorial about Compression and techniques for how to use it effectively in your mix

Eliminating Buzz & Hum

Brief guide for assessing and eliminating buzz & hum problems in sound systems

Great post about What's That Noise? How do I Fix It!

Acoustics & Sound System Design

Why Churches Buy Three Sound Systems, and How You Can Buy Only One (by Jim Brown)

Acoustics and Sound Systems in the Contemporary Church (by Jim Brown)

Good primer and info for improving church acoustics and soundproofing

Terms, Definitions, Formulas

Glossary of Professional Audio Terms

Glossary of Theatre & Stagecraft Terms

Glossary of Home Theater and Consumer Technology Terms

Balanced vs Unbalanced cables & signals - two helpful video explanations:

Formula and calculator for loudspeaker impedance

Great analogy of Ohm’s law for sound

Explanation of loudspeaker impedance

The difference between analog and digital signal levels

Other sites you may find helpful & informative:
Pyramid Audio Training
Shure Microphones Audio Docs

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