Church Sound Basics

The perfect place to start for church sound team volunteers.

  • 45-minute video presentation
  • Excellent for new techs & leaders
  • Fast & effective team training
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Discover the things that make your sound great – week after week.

  • How a sound system is put together
  • Why your cables are so important (and why using the right cable is CRITICAL)
  • How microphones work What “phantom power” does
  • What is the most important knob on your mixing console
  • EQ and what NOT to do
  • Why your Monitor Mix is super important
  • How to do a Soundcheck - the right way
Church Sound Master Class, Great Church Sound

Improve Consistency

You can have great sound each week, regardless of who is mixing.

Church Sound Master Class, Great Church Sound

Individuals & Teams

All team members can get the same quality instruction.

Church Sound Master Class, Great Church Sound

Fundamentals Matter

Understand the most important elements of every sound system.

Training that fits your needs and schedule

  • Unlimited on-demand access on any device.
  • Team Leader package available with bonus training materials and resources.
  • Instant access to the full course and bonus downloads – no waiting for training lessons.
Church Sound Master Class review

Jeannie McCoy

"Just what we needed to get some people started into the world of audio and live mixing!"

Church Sound Master Class review

Bobby Keen

"It was good and helpful. Your stuff is the best I have found so far."

Church Sound Master Class review

Kevin Kwok

"It is a great intro for a newbie sound team for a smaller soundcrew in our ministry here in Singapore. The info was just right."

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Gorakh Jadhav

"The video is very helpful and very easy to understand. The layman can understand the function of a PA system after watching your video. The images help to identify the various components of the sound system. The course is just right for the beginner. I like the presentation flow. Will definitely recommend to other churches and sound technicians."

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Jeffrey Hoy

"The video was very helpful. It was just right in terms of starting from the ground up, explaining everything very well, and addressing several common issues (like poor cables, setting the gain correct, how to dial in the right amount of compression). I’m hoping to gather up my sound guys for us to watch it and discuss together. I would definitely recommend it to other teams."

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Denver Cagle

"Your program is extremely helpful. This is my first year to run sound for the church so I'm trying to take in everything I can and your books and lessons certainly help."

Church Sound Basics Lesson Plan

Course Contents

Welcome to the Course

Presentation Video

Soundcheck Checklist

EQ Frequency Charts

Cable Repair & Soldering Guide

Church Sound Mobile App

Presentation Files & Transcript
(team package only)

Team Building & Training Guide
(team package only)

Summary & What's Next

Individual & Team Leader Packages

For Individuals


Perfect for New Sound Techs

The individual training course is for those who want to learn more about sound and begin volunteering on the sound team. It works great as a refresher course too!

  • Unlimited On-Demand Access
  • Complete Presentation Video
  • EQ Frequency Charts
  • Soundcheck Checklist
  • Cable Repair Guide

For Team Leaders


Perfect for Leaders & Pastors

Need to train your team? This complete package is perfect for team leaders and pastors who want the material to train present and future sound team members.

  • Everything from Individual Package
  • Course Presentation Files (PDF)
  • Complete Training Transcript
  • Downloadable Video for Offline Access
  • Team Building & Training Guide

Refund Policy: If you're not happy with this course or find out that it isn't right for you, simply email me within 14 days and I'll provide a refund right away.

James Wasem, Great Church Sound

James Wasem


Howdy! I'm the bestselling author of the book Great Church Sound, audio geek, and professional systems engineer. Training church sound techs how to get better sound at church has been my passion for many years.

I didn't start out as a professional though. In fact, I had no formal training prior to learning how to run sound at my church. I started out as a musician and volunteer tech at church, then quickly got placed into a leadership role. But I had no idea how to train my team.

Getting volunteers up to speed was a struggle for me as a new tech team leader. It seemed that all of the training material for sound techs was too complex and full of meaningless jargon that the average volunteer just doesn't need in the beginning.

So I finally created the resource that we should have started with – a training video that covers all the important basics and gets new team members on the same page, fast.

By attending this Church Sound Basics course, you'll get to learn my process and methods that have been successfully used to train church sound volunteers around the world. In fact, I teach this exact course to all of my new techs and church sound clients.


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