Live Streaming Checklist for Churches

Live streaming your church worship service comes with a unique set of technical requirements and production workflow that can be very different from traditional in-person services.

As a church sound tech, it is important to factor in the technical needs of the complete live streaming setup, even if you have other team members handling things like lighting and video.

You’ve heard it said before, but audio is the most important part of live streaming. It’s important to get your mix and audio connections dialed in before going live.

It’s also extremely important that you test your audio levels at every stage in the live streaming workflow.

This means that you not only monitor the stream mix at the console, but also at the camera or encoding computer/tablet/phone, and also at the final destination where the viewer gets it.

The Live Streaming Checklist

Just like we should use a soundcheck checklist before every service and event, we should also be in the habit of using a live streaming checklist.

Following a checklist ensures that you use the same steps for each live streaming event to create a consistent experience for the viewer/listener.

Download this Great Church Sound Live Streaming Checklist (printable PDF) and use it to help you create a quality live stream for your congregation.

More Live Streaming Resources

Check out some of these live streaming tools to improve your church live stream quality.


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