3 Tips to Stop Feedback Fast

If you’ve recently started running sound or can’t seem to stop the ring of feedback happening in your system, then the following tips will help take care of that in no time.

And if you’ve been running sound for a while, you may feel like you have a handle on this topic. That’s great! Check out these suggestions to see if there is something you can use to help pass on the info to a new volunteer.

What is Feedback?

Before we stop feedback, let’s just paint a picture of what it is.

Feedback is simply the amplified sound of an audio signal being picked up by the same microphone that transmitted the signal and then sent through the sound system again, or re-reinforced.

This creates a loop that will go on and on,...

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How to Make Your Pastor Sound Great

If there is one thing you have to have right to get great sound at church it is this one thing:

Great sound from the pastor's microphone.

Unfortunately a lot of churches struggle every week to get the sound they want from their pastor and teacher.

What a travesty! If there is anything a church sound system is designed to do, it is to provide clear and accurate transmission of the spoken word. All other needs and priorities take a back seat to this one critical requirement.

We’ve probably all experienced this problem at some point.

What does it sound like?

First we need to discuss the simple yet important sound qualities we’re looking for when it comes to clear delivery of the spoken word.

Sound from the pastor or...

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